How To Monetize Instagram IGTV Account – 6 Guaranteed Ways

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How To Monetize Instagram IGTV Account – 6 Guaranteed Ways
How to monetize instagram account step-by-step

Welcome to the actionable guide on, “How to Monetize Instagram IGTV account.


You have spent time taking the perfect shots and videos for your Instagram account to evoke the right vibe in your followers.

You have well-written descriptions, relevant links, and perfectly crafted hashtags as well.

Finally, your Instagram posts are getting the likes, shares, comments, and mentions that you have worked so hard for.

So, what next?

Well, its time to learn how to monetize Instagram IGTV account and take it to the next level of authority and influence.

You DON’T need to hold any special Instagram skills or knowledge if your content is different/original. Your account will still be recognized in no time.

Unless you’re a world-class content creator, how fast you’re able to build a vast and engaged following depends not only on how you use Instagram but also on the number of similar accounts within your content category and how differentiated your content is from them.

IF you are committed to creating high-quality content for your Instagram IGTV followers, then money is just a byproduct.

How to monetize Instagram IGTV account?

  1. Affiliate programs are the easiest way to Monetize Instagram IGTV
  2. Make money through Instagram IGTV Ads
  3. Monetize Instagram through brand tie-ups
  4. Sell sponsored posts
  5. Sell products through shopping posts
  6. Monetize by creating your own video streaming service

1. Monetize Instagram IGTV Through Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is the oldest and time-tested methods of making money online, and Instagram is no exception.

If you are looking to Monetize a YouTube video channel, Instagram account, Facebook page, a blog, or a website, affiliate programs are the best and easiest way to start making money online.

It takes just a few minutes to set-up, and you can start promoting products you think would benefit your visitors and earn commission on sales.

Here’s how an affiliate program works: 

  1. You sign up as an affiliate with companies that offer an affiliate program
  2. Use the provided unique tracking URL link or code in your post(s) 
  3. Receive a percentage cut of every sale made through your link

However, you will need at least 10k followers on your Instagram account to use links in your posts, remember that.

There are many places to become an affiliate, the most reputed ones are ShareasaleAmazon and Commission Junction.

Here is a screenshot of my earnings page on Amazon.

Amazon affiliate earnings on YouTube channel
Affiliate income on

If you want to find an affiliate program for something very specific, you can even try this search phrase on Google.



“dog food” + “affiliate”
“multivitamin” + “affiliate”
“sports bra”+”affiliate”

You get it.

2. Make Money Through Instagram IGTV Ads

Not offering a way to earn a profit from their content left the Instagram creators to look to sponsored posts or product endorsements to make money.

Many Instagram creators pushed their followers to platforms like YouTube, where they could earn a reliable cut of ads due to lack of monetization within Instagram.

Some internet gurus feel that a lack of monetization may have contributed to the absence of great content on Instagram’s IGTV.

According to Instagram, IGTV ads will initially appear when people click to watch IGTV videos from previews in their feed. The video ads will be built for mobile and up to 15 seconds long.

Bloomberg reported Instagram will share with creators 55% of the ad revenue they generate with the content creators.

They will test various experiences within IGTV ads throughout the year – such as the ability to skip an ad – to make sure the final result works well for people, creators and advertisers.

IGTV will be put to test with a selected Instagram accounts in the USA and will be rolled out slowly over time as they improve the user experience.

So, we will have to wait it out till the IGTV is rolled out and becomes available, soon.

Create and upload great content on IGTV to build your audience to make things easier for you once the Instagram monetization through IGTV ads becomes available.

3. Monetize Instagram Through Brand Tie-Ups

There are companies and brands out there that are dying to work with you. Why?

Because, if you promote or showcase their products in your content, their sales will increase.

A 2019 global survey of Influencer Marketing by Rakuten found out that, 80% of consumers made a direct purchase based on a recommendation by an influencer.

8 out of 10 consumers buy based on influencer's recommendation
8 out of 10 consumers buy based on influencer’s recommendation

Influencer marketing is huge and every brand that wants to grow their online sales, need influencers to help them achieve this!

If you already have a good number of followers, you can start working with brands right away by getting in touch with brands that are relevant to your Instagram account.

Here is a guide with the best practices of getting in touch with the brands and land your first influencer partnership deal.

Affiliate Programs Vs Influencer Marketing

Affiliate programs pay you a fixed percentage commission on every sale you generate while with influencer marketing, you get a one time payment for the post.

The money paid for your post depends upon the total number of followers and how engaged they are with your posts.

Higher number of followers with high engagement = max money!

Influencer marketing is lucrative and, according to research Buffer, you could expect to earn:

  • $100 per 1,000 followers (or $1,000 per 10,000 followers)
  • $250 to $750 per 1,000 engagements (or $0.25 to $0.75 per post engagement

How to find brands for sponsorship opportunities?

There are platforms that help you find Instagram sponsorship opportunities, I am listing some of them here in no order.

GrapeVineLogic, you can Monetize Instagram through hundreds of brand sponsorship opportunities across YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.


Activate is the leading influencer marketplace for real relationships, real results and real scale to monetize Instagram account.

Monetize Instagram with ACTIVATE
Monetize Instagram with ACTIVATE


On ChamBoost, you can get FREE products for your authentic and unbiased review of products and services.

Monetize Instagram with ChamBoost


TribeGroup connects brands with content creators and you can make money promoting the products you already use and love. This is a pretty straight-forward way to monetize Instagram.

Monetize Instagram with TribeGroup
Monetize Instagram with TribeGroup

The site also lists the ballpark rates per post to give you an idea of your potential earnings.

Potential earnings per post
Potential earnings per post
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